level 3 training


I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 training and I am currently pursing the Level 3 training. I will lose access to my existing workspace soon and I am wondering if I can continue the level 3 training in a different workspace. How can I transfer my existing level 1, level 2 and datahub models ?


Also, does Anaplan provide a workspace for model builders when they don't have access to a workspace through a partner or client?


How can I get my account transferred from one organization to another?


  • @BahalR 


    If you are moving out of your existing employer then it wouldn't be possible for you to transfer the models. You may have to raise a request with Anaplan Support to get the models moving across tenants. (Not sure if they transfer WIP learning models but inter tenant movement is possible only when we raise a request with support) But if you are not moving out then you can always do the inter workspace transfer.


    Anaplan does give you 90 day free trial period where you will have access to Anaplan Platform unconditionally. Link below


    Start Your 90-Day Trial with Anaplan Access - Anaplan Community