Calculation with different dimensions




I have 2 modules : one with the headcount and the other one with average salaries.

I want to create a third module with total salaries (which is headcount*average salary).


But, in the headcount module I have the headcount with line items internal vs external, and for salaries I have salary as line item. How can I calculate the total salaries with distinction internal/external if I don't have them as line items in average salaries module?

I tried to do a formula like IF is internal? or LOOKUP but I don't manage to make it work.




Thank you for your help!

Best Answer

  • sandeep_bk



    There are a couple of ways you can achieve this. 


     1) How about you make structural changes to the headcount and Average salaries module by moving line items(internal/external) under a list assuming you already have internal/external as a list. Then you can make a direct reference to your salary module.


    2) Create a staging module for headcount and Average salaries module by creating a line item subset.

    The staging module should include all the dimensions along with line item subtests. Now, maintain a mapping table that maps your list item (Internal/External) to Line-item subsets.

    Finally, you can pull the values from staging with simple lookups.


    Let me know if you need any help.







  • Hi kenzael,

    Try this:
    (Headcount Module.Internal * Average Salary Module.Internal) + (Headcount Module.External* Average Salary Module.External)
  • Hi anirudh,


    Thank you, but I still want the split between internal and external in the module total salaries. With the formula you suggest, I sum up both internal and external salaries


    Thank you