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Is there any way that we can use files created in newer version (4.0) in older version (3.4). I am having some issues in sharing the file that I have created in version 4.0 with other users who have not upgraded to 4.0.


  • The files are only compatible with Versions that are the same or higher. So if your colleague was on 3.4 and you were on 4, you can use that workbook, or covert it to v4. I do not think it is possible to go to a lower version, e.g. from v4 to v3.


    Is there a reason that your colleagues have not upgraded? That would probably be the most simple solution is to get them on 4.0 and they would have access to additional features as well. 


    Here is a link to the Anapedia page about 4.0. If you have not been to this page, it has all of the information you could want and more!





  • Hi Jason,


    Thanks for your reply. Some of the users faced excel crash issue when they upgraded to 4.0. Hence, they have been asked not to upgrade till this gets resolved. But I am not facing any issue and unfortunately i have created all my files in 4.0 so i cannot go back.