Using NAME with Numbered list




I have a numbered list -  'employees' with the display name property set as Display Name.

I have a system module called employee details dimensioned by employees list. I have created a text formatted line item in the module with the following formula NAME(ITEM(employees)). I expect to see the display name of the line item but I see numeric ids instead. 


Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong?


  • @BahalR 

    A numbered list replaces the name of the list item if the Anaplan generated #.

    Instead simply reference the display name property and if the module is not dimensioned by the numbered list us the code in a LOOKUP to pull the display name through.

  • @BahalR 


    NAME on numbered list will always result in getting the #IDs. As @ChrisAHeathcote  rightly mentioned, simply click and refer the display name of Numbered list property & get it in your SYS module.