how to get the beginning month of the current year in a line item


Hi, for your assistance please. How can I get the beginning month of the current year based on the a line item which is Month format from a line item data converted from a number format to a date format? I created a system module but I cannot use it or refer it because the data that I need to get should refer to the line item (Month). Please see ss of my modules below. Thank you.


Data Module






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  • rob_marshall



    You have all the information you need right there, but I would suggest the following:

    • don't do all of this logic in the data module, but in a SYS Time module
    • In your SYS Time Module, create these two line items
      Current Year: ITEM(Time) formatted at Time Period Year
      First Month of the Year: ITEM(Time) = PERIOD(START(Current Year)) formatted as boolen



    • From your picture, the formula for Beg Current Month should be: SYS.Time Filter.First month of year?[lookup:Month]
    • And now you can remove the Fiscal Year and Year L2 line items.