Daily Rolling Forecast



I'm trying to set up in my Time Systems module a Daily Rolling Forecast, but having some trouble making it work. I have attached pics of what I have done. Please advice


Thank you 


  • Hi @neg177,

    Can you try removing the period dimension in your current day? And why is that the current day is a week format?

  • Hi,


    By Period Dimension do you mean 'Time Scale'? And I have to have the Format as Time Period/Week because that is the lowest I can do and wont let me use Date as a Format for my function for Actual and Forecast. 

  • Hello,

    By Period Dimension do you mean 'Time Scale'? - Yes the time scale
  • That didn't work so well. It just did the following that I have attached in the images. With the formula I have it will not let me change the Time Scale to Not Applicable. 


    Thank you