Anaplan Model Calendar - Roll-up Weeks to Months


Anaplan's model calendar rolls up days into weeks and months into quarters but does not roll up weeks into months.


As a result of this, June 2020 has 5 weeks: w/c Jun1, Jun 8, Jun 15, Jun 22 and Jun 29. However, w/c Jun 29 has 2 days in June and 5 days in July - and the entire week gets included in July instead of June. This causes discrepancies when rolling up our numbers at the Quarter level.This problem only happens when we organize the model in WEEKS using Anaplan’s model calendar.  Since we have a weekly forecasting process, this requirement is fairly important to us.


IDEA: Please include an automated roll-up in Anaplan (based on user selection) - so that every week in June only rolls up to June and is not counted in July, especially if the quarter is changing. User should have the ability to choose whether the week-roll up needs to happen at a month level or quarter level. If month level, the last week of every month should only have days in that month and every new month starts with the 1st. If the user wants the roll-up at a quarter level, the rule would only exclude all those weeks that flow into the the first week of a new quarter. 



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