Worksheet Filter AND / OR logic


During an analysis, a user may want to show for a specific deviation (for example Actual vs Budget) all items that have a deviation of -1000 OR +1000. 

Next time he uses the same worksheet, this may be a different boundary or even a different line item (for example Actual vs LY). In classic UX, this was simply possible via the filter function ALL / ANY (see picture 1).

The NUX worksheet allows currently only AND logic, OR is not possible (see picture 2).


Current workaround is to follow best practises and create a boolean formatted line item hosting the filter logic.

However, this approach has limitations or would require a complex technical solution when the filter is (1) user based and (2) the criteria is largely variable.

In such use cases, the built-in worksheet filters offer an easy and very helpful solution.



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  • This would be a really great improvement to the worksheets. Filtering capabilities are now significantly limited due to the lack of "ANY" logic.

  • Indeed this is another gap between classic and New UX which would be nice to be filled in.


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