Default Synchronize Selection to Match Default Page Selectors


Setup: There is a summary table by region on a dashboard and a detailed table by accounts on the same dashboard which is synchronized on the same list.  The summary table has a default page selected which is the Top Level.  The detailed table default currently shows accounts belonging to the first item of the hierarchy only, not the top level

Request: Sync lists which have Synchronized Selections marked true with Default Page selected from related tables


Benefit: Users are trained that selections are all synced.  If the default summary table presents WW but the detail table only shows Asia, users may assume that only Asia items matched the filter or sort criteria instead of it being hidden.  This will remove confusion.

Example: In screenshot, the page selector of "All BG" (green highlight) are matched.  The page selector of the region summary table is defaulted to "WW" (blue highlight) but is not synced with the rows of the matching list in the detailed table (red highlight) which only shows Asia.  It should sync blue and red highlights together so users see intended defaults

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