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I was very excited to see the rollout announcement for Map Cards in the New UX.  I then fell back down to earth a bit when I saw that none of the initially available options was suitable for my organization's use.  Is there anything further down the line in terms of support for customized maps for some simple GIS visualizations?  I'm sure that. being able to upload custom maps (with the necessary encodings, of course) would be a huge boon to a number of Anaplan customers in a wide array of industries.

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  • KatO

    We’re inviting current users of the Anaplan to share your experience of creating maps (both in and/or out of Anaplan).


    The study will take place between 24 July and 3 August, and sessions will last approximately 1:00 hour. 


    Sign up today. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Participants will receive an e-gift card, if your company policies allow you to receive these.  
    • Unfortunately partners are not eligible to receive gift cards.  
    • If you have participated in research with us in the last three months, please do not sign up for a session so that others can have an opportunity to provide feedback.   

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