Change "Use Top Level as Default Page" to pick list of list members instead of boolean

Request: Under General List, change "Use Top Level as Default Page" from a Boolean to a picklist from the list's members.  Apply this selection to all dashboards/module as the default view.  Retain the option to change the default page under the dashboard "Selection Option" of the Edit view though.


Benefit: While the Top Level is generally the best default view for roll up items, there are lists where each member has a different importance at different times.  Instead of having to go change the default paging under each dashboard/module/view, changing it at a global level will be more efficient.


Example: Company uses a custom timeframe which does not align with the Time setting so there is a Qtr list which shows 20Q1, 20Q2, 20Q3, 20Q4 which rolls up to 2020.  As you progress through the quarters, it will be useful to default the paging to the current quarter as you move along in the year.  Similarly, you can apply this logic to default any list to members which needs to be focused on due to any business conditions.

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