Parent to Child Lookup/Selection - Part II




Does anyone know if there a best practice around sourcing data where the target module is dimensioned by a parent list and the source is a child list? 


Target Module: Roles

Dimensions: Team Roles, Staging Opportunity

Target Line Item: SF User ID

Formula: Teams.'Item: SFDC User'


Source Module: Teams

Dimensions: Staging Teams

Source Line Item: Item: SFDC User 



 My initial instinct was to use SUM however that would not work on a list formatted line item. Also, in this case, creating a mapping table isn't practical as there are hundreds of data rows.



  • Hi @michael.chefer 


    You can create a relative line item between source and target . 

    In this scenario you can bring Parent of child list which is in target module . 

    Parent line item formatted by Parent list and formula would be PARENT(ITEM('Child list'))

    You can Lookup to this Parent line item for the target line item . 

    Teams.'Item: SFDC User'[LOOKUP:PARENT(line item)]




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  • @michael.chefer 


    In the source module, do you have line items that are list formatted to Roles and Staging Opportunity?  If so, you can use FirstNonBlank or LastNonBlank:


    Teams.SFDC User[firstnonblank:Teams.Teams Role line item, firstnonblank:Teams.Staging Opportunity line item]