Level 2, Sprint 3, Product Replenishment UX Page



On my UX page with the first 2 checkboxes selected (Jan 20, Feb 20) and FY20 in the page selector, i expected to see only those two time periods.  However, i am seeing FY21 data.  I'm thinking I've goofed something up in my SYS00 or SYS01 filters - could anyone offer some guidance on how i can troubleshoot this?  Thanks in advance!


ux page.png

In my SYS00 Time Setttings by Month i have this:



In my SYS01 Time Settings by Week i have this:


by week.png





  • Just to close the loop on this issue, i have it working now.  Same configuration as yesterday.  Here is a shot of what it looks like now, but another question has emerged:


    In the enduser checklist it says this:


    "Can an end user override the suggested order amounts and shipping methods for any individual order?"


    They could before, because the Override Suggested Order Amount? boolean line item was part of INV01, but the mockup for the Product Replenishment UX page did not include this, and it had the line items in a different order, so I matched the mockup.  Therefore i hid that line item.  Are we not supposed to match the mockup?  INV01 accumulated a lot of line items and was becoming a pretty large grid, so it made sense to me to pare it down to what appeared in the mockup.  Is this an oversight in the instructions or have i misinterpreted?  Would be interesting to know if others went down this path.






  • How did you resolve this issue? I'm having the same issue where I select Jan and Feb but the Grid view shows all months