Data from one module to another module



1st Module

I have expense list(5) and key figures list(6) with boolean line item (Check) .For each expense will check different key figures


Another module 

Dimensions - Index list , Time and Versions

Expense List formatted line item 

Key figure list formatted line item 

So when I select particular expense from the drop down then key figure list formatted line item should show only the key fig list items that are checked in the 1st Module.

Or If I select wrong key fig for the particular expense it should so wrong indication with Red color 


Please help me with this.






  • @tejaswini 

    The are functions in Anaplan that will allow you to achieve what you require.

    Firstly, you need to create a mapping using your first module which converts the boolean check into a list formatted line item relative to the Expense list.

    Create a new line item called, Key Figures in 1st module and use the following formula =IF boolean line item THEN ITEM(Key Figures) ELSE BLANK

    Ensure that the Key Figures list has a top level item as the following formula will not work.

    In you target module use the following formula = 1st Module.Key Figures[LOOKUP:Another Module.Expense list]


    To enable conditional formatting create a line item in Another module.

    Use the following formula = IF NOT ISBLANK(Key Figures) then 1 else -1

    For all empty cells this will return a -1. This can then be used to set up a conditional formatting criteria in the UX. 

    Instruction on how to do this - conditional formatting in UX 


  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    Followed the suggestion but Line item in the target module is showing blank when applied the formula( 1st Module.Key Figures[LOOKUP:Another Module.Expense list]) 

    Can you please help on this 




  • Hi,
    If you are not receiving an error then that would suggest one of a few issues.
    Your source is using a different time format or the mapping is not populated.
    If it is time then you need to create a staging module where you restate your data in the same time format. If its the other reason simply populate the mapping.
  • Hi


    Source Module has no time or versions having only only expense list and key figures list



    Target module has INDEX LIST,TIME,VERSIONS


    So based on above source module selection of different skf 's for particular expense type 

    In target module for particular expense type if I select different SKF Allocation driver(Which is not checked in source module) it should show red in color