New UX Custom Views vs Module views


What are the virtues, in the New UX, of using Custom views over Module views and vice versa?  

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  • david.savarin

    While i cannot talk on anaplan stance, but our experience with NUX in recent projects have been exactly what you are suggesting and we are building now with these guidelines in mind :


    Anything related to presentations (reportings, dashboards or inputs) that can be technically set in NUX is done there instead of models.

    That includes layouts for dashboards (using filters, pivot...).

    It is derived from old 3-tier architectures (data / calculations or business logic / presentation) where NUX = presentation layer.


    Obviously some components still require to be set in models :  

    - Import formats with saved views are still a necessity unfortunately

    - some tricky lines or column filters when using line items in columns (hope this will be solved as a future ux enhancement) also require a saved view

    - advanced and shared filters need their own line item to be built in the model itself to be consumed then in NUX


    Maybe others have different experience and practices, but these above kind of naturally came into motion while we were into projects


  • @michael.jones 


    Module Views: You cant modify the view in New UX. You will have to use the view as is

    Custom Views: You can modify the view in New UX. It includes Pivoting, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, Select Levels etc.

  • But if you've already setup your views in Classic with Sorting, Conditional Formatting, Select Levels etc. Pivoting apart, is there currently any benefit in switching to the authoring of views in New UX only?
  • It basically saves time. Consider this :

    A - to perform a customized dashboard in New UX using Module View you need to : 

    - Create a saved View in Model and Save IT

    - Switch back to UX Page and create your grid using Model View you saved


    B - to perform a customized dashboard in New UX using Custom View you need to : 

    - Go to UX Page and create the desired view


    Granted if you already have all saved views, there is not advantage there


    I personnally prefer to have the minimal number of saved views in Model as they tend to be less "manageable" than dealing with Pages and Grid in UX


  • @david.savarin Just wanted to share my thoughts here.


    As per the Modules Design best practices... saved views should be created to get any grid published in Classic Dashboard. Now, if we want to move away from creating saved views for NUX dashboards, this would be a paradigm shift from the way we have been using saved views for. It would be mostly used for Imports (data from one modules to another in the same model or another model) and Exports ( data out of Anaplan). 


    Is that the way we have to go from NUX perspective?