Input at each level of Hierarchy get aggregated view



I have Project 5 level of hierarchy list(P1,P2,P3,P4,P5) , Expense list ,versions, time as dimensions 

User can enter expenses for each expense list item at P3, P4, P5 levels


                 At  P4 level entered 20 

                 At  P5 level entered 10 but for P4 I should able to see 20 + 10 =30

Hope this is clear

Please help me on this.






  • Hi @tejaswini,

    my best idea is that you should create 3 different modules with different dimensions, you can let people input data on different levels and summarize the input from other modules. Something like the simplified example below:


  • @tejaswini 


    Looking at @filip.sypniewski screenshots, you could enhance this further for the end user by having all the inputs in the same module, so there's just one input/output table. See attached an example!

  • Hi @tejaswini 


    You can use Breakback functionality here if the data has to also get disaggregated when input is done at a higher level.

    Using this function, data will be automatically disaggregated and aggregated at all levels based on the existing data.

    It has some limitation/shortcomings. You could explore in details about this function in the below link.


    Hope this helps.




  • Hi @Noemi.andres 



    Entering values at each level(p3,P4,P5)

    Final line item for Module 3.1 showing value 30(10+20) but it should show that 30 value + P4 Entry value(10) =40

    Is there any Solution





  • @tejaswini 

    Your challenge here is that the module is dimensioned at the lowest level in the hierarchy and you are allowing users to enter data at higher levels. 

    You need to bring all the inputs in line with the same dimensionality. 


    Create a systems module for the lowest level and a series of line items formatted by the parent, grand parent and great grand parent lists. Using the PARENT function populate each line item with the corresponding list items. 

    In your target module create a line item at the P5 dimension for all other P levels. For example, a line item for P3 dimensioned at P5 and a separate line item for P4 dimensioned at P5.

    For each of these reference the line items P5 and LOOKUP the P5 line item in the new system module. Do the same for P4.

    Add these new line items into the Final line item.