NUX Resize nested dimension columns


Re-sizing the columns in the NUX is possible at the moment. However the ability to resize the column width for the nested dimensions would be a great addition. In this way the user can decide what's the column width taken by each of the various nested lists instead of both taking the same space on the screen.

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  • I was struggling with that today... It would be really useful to be able to do that. Kudo! 

  • @Noemi.andres  Much needed idea. This feature would be a welcome addition for end users.

  • Would be very helpful, this is limiting the customization and is cutting off parts of the list members and lowering the customer experience.

  • This would be so helpful! We have so many users who really like grids with nested dimensions, however we really struggle with the amount of wasted white space that using this layout creates.

  • This would really help, we are currently struggling with grids where we have nested dimensions. The white spaces are taking up a lot of place.

  • Any update on when/if this one is moving forward?

  • it would be really useful. currently, some columns occupy too much space, even it is not needed. 😞



  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • sprender

    Pleased to announce we have recently updated the grid so it is now possible to resize nested columns.

  • @sprender Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know! :). Really useful feature. 

  • very happy with this addition, thank you @Noemi.andres for posting the idea.

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