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Hi, I have a module with Versions as a dimension. I want to be able to set a line item based on the version we are on. As of now I can only detect the actual or current version using the formulas from anaplan. As an example, I would like to have a formula like this: if versions = version1 then A else if versions = version2 then B else if versions = version3 then C else D I cannot find a way to do that at the moment. best regards, Jeremy

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  • tatsuo_oba
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    Hi Jeremy,

    I think that 'Version Formulas' feature meets your expectation.
    You can find the detail at 'Adding Version Formulas for Line Item Subsets' section in Anapedia.
    You can also see the detail in 'Anaplan Model Examples model' which is published at AppHub.
    'Version Formulas' feaure is used in 'P&L Forecast' module in that model (See attached image).

    Best regards,
    Tatsuo Oba
  • PrevContributor
    I had the same issue and someone on here suggested as an alternative  creating a module with Line items created as Version names (like your versions) then use bollean conditions using the version dimension

    You can then write IF statements easily based on each version and differentiate as much as you like between them.....

    The version module can be used across any of your other modules for other line items you want to do this for.
    Ping me if you need some help



  • hey I have been struggling with this, can you illustrate the way you did. if possible i need a screenshot if it is possible