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I'm trying to create a Line Item Formula in where every 10th of the Month/ or next business day, Money comes out of another Line Item. Please advice. 


Thank you 

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  • Austinv
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    There are 5 line items you will need to set up. I've attached screenshots below:


    1) A line item that is populated with the current date. This will be the input to the logic described below



    2) A line item that uses the DAY() formula which returns the day # of the month




    3) A line item that uses the WEEKDAY() formula to return the number of the day of the week it is. (Monday = 1, Sunday = 7)



    4) A line item which calculates days till next business day (if the 10th falls on a Saturday or Sunday). This will have a condition that if it is a business day it resolves to 0


    5) Finally a boolean which will determine when the value should be pulled from the original line item to the new line item


    Below you will find the blueprint details



  • rob_marshall



    So, I have a slightly different way of doing than Austin did, but will get you home nonetheless.


    Create a list of Days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc...) with the code being the day of the week.



    Create a SYS Days Properties module with a line item called Add Days.  This will be entered by the admin, 2 for Saturday, 1 for Sunday:




    Create a SYS Time Day Module which is dimensonalized by Time at the Day level.

    Line items:

    • Days of Week
      • formula: weekday(start()) formatted as Number
    • Day List
      • formula: finditem(Days, Text(Days of Week)) formatted as List
    • Day To Send Money - this could also be used for the last day money was sent
      • formula: IF DAY(START()) = 10 THEN START() + SYS Days Properties.Days to Add[LOOKUP: Day List] ELSE PREVIOUS(Day to Send Money)
        • formatted as Date
    • Send Money? - not sure if you need this, but if you want to filter the days that money was sent, this would be a good option.
      • formula: START() = Day to Send Money
        • fomatted as Boolean