Dynamic cells?


Hi everyone,


I have a grid where the user can tick to override an amount. If he ticks override, he can put the new amount below, else it is 0. The problem is that I want the user to be only able to change the amount in the line item "new average salary" if the box is ticked, and not to be able to change the amount if he doesn't tick the box (cell with black font).


Is it possible to have a formula that does like : IF Override ? THEN "the user changes manually the amount" ELSE 0 ?


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Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You can use dynamic cell access or DCA.

    In the blueprint scroll to the right and will come across two columns; 

    Read access driver

    Write access driver

    Select the write access driver cell for the line item you want to restrict access to and select from the list the boolean formatted line item 'Override?'.

    The action will only allow access to the New average salary when the boolean in the previous line item is true.

    You can read more about DCA here.


    Good luck