User-based security access at the node level


I have the below requirement on user-based security access at the node level. I have 3 nodes (L1, L2, and L3) For example If L1= Americas L2 = Canada and US_Disti L1 and L2 will be my composite lists and we will have various attributes (KPIs) attached to them like Bookings or Sale proceeds etc. Now, If I am looking for Canada Account, I will be able to see that there is another node named US Disti ,but I will not be able to see the bookings amount attached to that node. We can’t do that with selective access as selective access will restrict me to see US_Disti node altogether. If I try to create a user list to restrict access by users then also I am not able to achieve the requirement. (Please see the attached screenshot) Any thoughts or suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks Subhayan