Save export definition in exporting dashboard to PDF


I would like to save an export definition in exporting dashboard to PDF , it would help to extract multiple grids of dashboards through a process onto PDF version for visualization purpose . This functionality should behave the same manner how saving export definition is working for grids now.

We would prefer to merge multiple pdf export actions into a process which can produce one pdf file of desired output . Let me know if that’s achievable or something can be incorporated in due course.

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  • This is an urgent requirement for us in BT.

    We need ability to "batch" create multiple PDFs at month end based on a single admin (or preferably auto) action. Reason is that this PDF per dataset becomes a local system of record for non-anaplan users to review.


    We will extract each PDF and send to a dedicated /permissioned folder for appropriate users to access.

  • This is a no-brainer in my opinion as you think about automation. For any customer who does not use native Anaplan reporting, which is many customers, I would be able to easily automate a stack of reports including Charts as a PDF and have them emailed out to non-Anaplan users...Right now the best I can do is export individual modules as XLSX or PDF to do so. 


    If we ever get this feature, it would be fantastic to be able to save Export definitions of NUX pages, so I don't need to build classic UX just for reports. 


    (For those that are curious, I primarily use Workato for automation and IPaaS. This morning I wrote a "recipe" to export a conditionally formatted module and email it automatically twice a week and the entire setup process start to finish took me about 20 minutes with no code. Really slick platform.)

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