How to pick up my previous day not including weekends




I would like to some advice on how I can pick up my previous day not including weekends. Ex) My previous day for Monday would be Friday. This is the Formula I tried to use below. I have a Time Filter Line Item that marks 0 for any weekday and 1 and 2 for weekends, so I can try and only pick up the 0's. Below is my formula. 


IF 'S01 Time Filter'.Weekdays? THEN PREVIOUS('Y01 Collection_Funding'.'Securitization (including WO)') + 'S01 Time Filter'.Days from next business day ELSE 0

Thank you 


  • 1. You can try to use the Days function which should yield a 1-7 for the date period depending on the day of the week.
    2. Then in your formula you can use an IF statement similar to below:
    Day of the Week = 1 ----> (This should either be Monday or Sunday depending on your model calendar -> make sure the number is equal to Monday's day of the week)
    OFFSET('Y01 Collection_Funding'.'Securitization (including WO)', 3)  ---> This will bring in the value from 3 days prior to the Monday (i.e., the previous Friday)

    OFFSET('Y01 Collection_Funding'.'Securitization (including WO)', 1)