Copy data from 1 Year to Next 2 Years


Hi Experts,


I have been trying to test some scenarios in Anaplan. One scenario is I have to pick Actuals from Last Year for all periods and copy them to all periods to Current Year and Next Year

For instance

Current Year is 2020

Last Year is 2019

Next Year is 2021


Data of all periods from 2019 must be copied to all periods of 2020 and 2021. 


What I have done is, I have been able to copy data from all periods of last year 2019 to all periods to 2020, but not able to figure out to copy to all periods of year 2021.


Please let me know, if anyone has faced this scenario.




Best Answer

  • jackcplanning

    Hi @varun.joshi07 

    Here's a quick and dirty way to get there - might be more efficient ways. This is also assuming you're working with months for a given year.

    Copy over.PNG