TIMESUM syntax error


Hi everyone ! 


I am currently doing the Level 2 Model Builder, Sprint 1, and I am stuck at step 1.5.7

Basically, I need to feed a boolean Line Item called "Has Data?", which is on the SKU ; Account dimensions from a numeric Line Item called Volumes, which is on SKU ; Account ; FY19 dimension. Therefore, I need to aggregate the data on the time dimension, using a ANY aggregation method to retrieve a boolean value. 


Here is how I try to feed "Has Data?":


TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes , , ,ANY)




TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes, From, To, ANY)


and even


TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes [,] [,] [,ANY])


None of these worked, I'm stuck...


Here is what I found on Anapedia : 


TIMESUM(Line item to aggregate [, Start period] [, End period] [, Aggregation method])


Start Period & End Period are non mandatory values according to Anapedia. However, missing intermediate parameters are not permitted. I'm not sure what's that suppose to mean... 


Thanks in advance for your kind help ! 



Best Answer

  • AdamCookson



    If I remember correctly you should just be able to use Timesum('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes) without any further values and meet the 'Has Data?' flag requirements. Effectively this will just remove the time dimension from the original value and flag the true/false per account for you.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Hi @Benoit_Martin,

    you can skip any optional arguments in the syntax and simply use TIMESUM(Line item to aggregate)

  • Thanks @Adam !


    Here is the formula I used : 


    Has Data? = IF TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes) <> 0 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE


    It works just fine. 

  • I'm sorry but  we can't skip arguments in the syntax and simply use because this is not number format it's boolean and formula needs if then else arguments. 

    like IF TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes) <> 0 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE