Copy data from Actual Version to Budget Version


Hi Experts,


I am testing a scenario, where user wants to update forecast data. But before user does it, he wants to copy previous year actual data to current year and next year forecast version. I do not want to use "Bulk Copy" functionality.



Copy data from Actual version and Year 2019 to Forecast Version & Year 2020 & Year 2021, 


Actual, Year 2029 ---> Forecast, 2020, 2021


I created a module 1 with Version, Time, Cost Center, Cost Element, Line item: Amount. Store dummy actual data for year 2019. Created another module 2 with same lists and selected forecast version and used formula "POST" from module 1, I am able to copy data from previous year to next 2 year, but I can not see Actual data in Forecast version.


Please guide.





  • @varun.joshi07 


    Are you using Native Anaplan Versions?  If so, please make sure the SwitchOver toggle in Blueprint is turned on.

  • why not using bulk copy ?
    why copy the data ? why not using switchover or a formula to mimic switchover (you can have a boolen setting over time and version and use it like IF setting then actuals else forecast)
  • @nathan_rudman @rob_marshall Thanks for stepping forward and help me answering my query. 


    The reason for not using Bulk Copy is because it will copy all periods and all years data, but here I have custom requirement, where I just want to copy Actual Year 2019 to Forecast Year 2020 and 2021.


     After trying many times, I found a way to achieve this requirement. 




  • A good way to avoid versions (as the size of the model multiplies with every version) is to create a list of "Scenarios". Item 1 is Forecast, Item 2 is Budget, (or Actual), and apply the 2 item list to the module instead of an entire version. This will call for the SELECT function down the road when Forecast needs to be pushed to Actuals, and Forecast needs to be cleared. 

    1) Create a staging module with the same dimensions as the input module, minus the scenario list.

    2) Set the line items in the staging module equal to the Input module and use the SELECT Function to select the forecast data

    3) Copy the staging Module and create a Data Clearing Module to import into the forecast scenario by inputting a 0 as the formula in all line items. 

    4) Import the forecast data from the staging module into the Actuals by importing into a fixed item "Actuals"

    5) Clear the forecast data by importing the 0's into the forecast. 


    This will allow a bulk copy to function efficiently without using versions.