Anaplan Time Range Limitation


I was very surprised recently when I discovered a limitation to Anaplan's permitted time range. 


It may surprise others to know that Anaplan is limited to supporting only 70 Years (20 past and 50 future) and the maximum number of years possible is 90 (using a time range set, as of writing, to 1981 with 90 periods).


I did not expect to find this limitation and while I can understand why it is there, I think there should be a way to extend the range for specific use cases. A client recently needed a model with a very long time range (100+ years) and it was necessary to build fake time to accomplish this (and then a smart way of using a day dimensioned module so we could utilise the previous/next functions).


I can actually think of a number of use cases where this would be the case (insurance for example).


So my suggestion is to simply provide a route for a model builder to extend the model time beyond 70 years.


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  • @tscott 

    thank you for the idea


    As you said, the current limitation relates to the 2-digit year, 20 FY80-FY79 = 1980-2079


    I have included "Time enhancements" as a strategic priority for next year - and this point specifically as we do know that many Customers need to go out beyond 2079


    One other option to consider aside from fake time is to use multiple real time ranges, and map the closing year to the opening year; yes the labelling might be a little confusing, but if you split them into different modules if might keep the modelling simpler




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  • great news! thanks for the update on this enhancement.



  • @DavidSmith   Do we have any progress with this enhancement?  We have a client who also needs a longer time range than 2079 and needs to make a decision either to create a dummy time list or to use the native time range.  If this is to be implemented within this side of FY, we want to go ahead with the system time range. 




  • AyumiS

    I'm in the same situation and really looking forward to seeing the updates
    My case is that we input cash-out and cash-in to calculate IRR of several companies we invested. One company is a kind of subsidiary and it generate cash-in in the long term so they're currently calculating IRR until over 2150.

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