Copy Branch in New UX


Currently, one very useful action that is still only accessible in the classic UX is "Copy Branch".


I can not be the only one who wishes this incredibly useful action could be run by a user in the NUX. 


Please add it!

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  • Agree ! This one is absolutely necessary for easily working with what-if scenarios.

  • Agreed this action is required


  • Until the functionality is added to the product, this may work for you as a workaround.


  • Thanks @paul_gibson.


    Sadly however, where non-native versions have been used (which I personally strongly recommend), the copy branch functionality is really the only way to copy a version. The workaround you've suggested can be effective in small doses but is far too cumbersome to copy a whole model.


    Has there been any indication from the product team as to when we can expect the functionality in the UX? Until it is users will still have to engage with the classic UX...

  • @tscott In the case of a non-native version copy, could you not have a process to copy the data from one version to another, where you select the source and target? Or have you got lots of branches under main versions and you want to copy them all at once?

    I have built a number of models previously, where I keep lots of non-native versions / scenario data, in a fairly flat module and then pull it back as required for reporting. I'm happy to take a look at your issue, if I can be of help.


    I haven't seen a timing for when product will develop the functionality, hence the alternative thinking approach. 


  • @paul_gibson Ah that's a shame about the product development timetable. Hopefully if this thread gets some more traction it might be pushed forward!


    The problem with the process approach is when you have a large model with many user input requirements it is very burdensome to have to create import actions (and error-prone) for every data/ input module which is dimensioned by version. It could even become a problem if other developers are not aware that this approach has been taken since it would be easy to add a line item and not update the relevant copy action.


    I agree the workaround is effective for smaller models where the same functionality can be achieved with a process however to be 100% confident in a copy with a large model I personally would feel more confident with copy branch.




  • i do support this idea

  • Adding my support for this idea. Key piece of functionality in Anaplan

  • Sorry everyone - I'm a little late getting around to updating this post but I'm switching this to "on roadmap" as something we'll be tackling this year.

    If anyone wants to chat through how you use Copy Branch then I'd love to hear from you (and maybe get a quick demo of your current scenario).

  • Hi, is there any progress on this, is it still on roadmap and should it be delivered soon ?


  • Wonderful

    Thanks for your reply

  • tscott
    edited September 2023

    remember you can only use copy branch on lists with a parent

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