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My source module does not have version and has  time range FY20, FY21

and target module has version-actual, forecast and time period FY 19, FY20, FY21

I want to reflect data from Data Module in the actual version of FY19 only, while data of  FY20, Fy21 Data from source module should reflect forecast in the target module 

AS per my understanding same Data from source module will reflect in all version of  target module, while data for fy 19 will show 0.

Current period is SEP 19.

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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @swapnil_J 


    I have tried to replicate you problem. see below screenshot example for your reference:

    1.Data module: only FY19 without Version


    2. Source Module: FY20-FY21 without Version


    3. Target Module: FY19-F21 with Version



    I think what you are looking for under you forecast version you want to see the actual number as well, if this is the case then you have to use Switchover. Go to setting tab -> Version -> Switchover.

    Let's say I have setup Switchover as Jan 20 for forecast Version, so from Jan19-Dec19 will be my actual number & Jan20 onward will be Forecast number.




    Hope this helps!






  • @swapnil_J 



  • @Misbah 

    As there is a mismatch in Time and version in both modules, I am not able to get the desired result.

    Earlier in my target module, I have tried this formula -

    if start()<= currentperiodstart() and IF ISACTUALVERSION()  then DATA01.Line Item else Source.Line item

  • @swapnil_J 


    Are you using Native Versions?  If so, there are two options:


    Let me know if this helps





  • @rob_marshall 

    Hi rob, 

    thanks for the version part apart from version  there is mismatch in time dimension as well 

    My source module is dimensioned with   time range FY20, FY21

    and target module is using  time period FY 19, FY20, FY21

    Data module  has time FY 19.

    and in target module for FY 19 I am trying to populate data from Data module, but it shows 0 and for FY 20 , FY21 cells are correctly populated with source module line item.


  • ISACTUALVERSION will be referencing your target module, not your sources so it shouldn't be a problem that versions aren't in either of your sources. likewise, you don't need to make any reference to time as you have the entire time period covered in your target too. try the formula:

    If ISACTUALVERSION() then Data Module else Source Module
  • @AWhitworth 

    I have already  tried above formula but not able to get the values,

    so I changed that formula to - if start()<= currentperiodstart() and IF ISACTUALVERSION()  then DATA01.Line Item else Source.Line item

    but still not able to get the values for FY19.


  • @Akhtar.shahbaz 

    Thank you for the solution, I was not getting the actual values because my summary method was set to none for both -main summary and time summary in the Data module.