NUX Comments: Add ability to notify a user mentioned in a comment

Absolutely thrilled that we now have the ability to add a comment thread to any card in the NUX! A suggestion I have to make it even better would be to have the added ability to mention a user via the "@User" comment similar to popular team chat/collaboration tools, and then have a notification pushed to that user to alert them that someone mentioned them in a card and requires a response from them.

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  • Hi @jcannon I am pleased to let you know that user tagging has now been released for commenting in the UX. We've also added a feature whereby the recipient will be able to follow the link in their email to the page with the correct context already initialised and the conversation panel already open to reply.


    Thanks for the feedback so far!

  • This is a great feature we use all the time. Please could you improve the email/ Slack notifications to actually show the message? Having received  a message (which might not require any action/ just say "Thanks @ [name] ") it shouldn't require me to log in to see it. Thanks!

  • Hi @georgevaizey thank you for your comment! Yes absolutely - this is on our roadmap for next year and we'll update the Community when it's available. Thanks! Emily, Product Team

  • Thanks Emily for the prompt response!

  • @EmilyJ Our clients would also love to see the comment/message show in the email. Great to hear that this is on the roadmap for the new year. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this feedback everyone! As Emily says, comment previews are on our roadmap, likely in the second half of next year. If you have any more feedback on collaboration functionality, please don't hesitate to pass it on! - Joanna, Product Team

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