Formula for entering value

Is there a way to use a formula to calculate the value your are inputting into the cell?  For example, if I'm loading a forecast and am inputting the forecast value for a specific month, I'm looking for the ability to say that value should be =2+3 instead of having to key in 5 as a simplistic example.  Otherwise if I have multiple values that I know and want to combine into one input value, I'm currently doing the math offline and then keying in the value. Thanks


  • No, you can't do this in Anaplan the way you can in Excel. In Anaplan a line item is either formula-driven, in which case the same formula applies to all cells, or else it's blue, in which case you can't type a formula in. If you typed your formula into the formula bar for a blue line item it would apply across the board and overwrite any other blue data you'd entered.

    If you really want this functionality in your model you'll have to have one line item with the formula and another (blue) one with free-form data entry, then have a boolean or similar that determines which of the two will be pulled into the final line item. But that'll only work if you can think of a handful of formulae that you'll want to use - not if you need to support an arbitrary number of difference formulae.