Find if a list member has already be choosen in a line item in list format




I have two different lists of employees : the 4.0 list the people that we planned for the budget and the 4.2 list the people in the reality.

I couln't link the 2 numered lists because, the matching of the 2 lists can evolve from month to month.

I created a module in which the user choose wich person from the 4.2 list make the job of the person we planned in the 4.0 list budget. 3 people max can be affected to the same job in a month (that's why i have 3 line items), but i we saw it from the 4.2 list point of view, each personne from the 4.2 list can be used only once in a month (he cound't do 2 jobs).


The goal of the last line item would be to show in a bolean format which person from the 4.2 list has already been used to match the 4.0 list in either the 3 first line items. the problem is dimensions and i can't find a way to avoid it. i could do this manualy but i seek for an automatique solution.

I hope i have been clear enough, and apologize for my poor level considering writing in english 🙂


A) the blueprint :


blue print.png

B) the module in xhich the user match the people




c) the result that i would like to reach





  • Hello-

    I have replicated your modules. 

    The numbers in my example equal the Budget group in yours, and the letters equal the people assigned to the budgets.


    Module 1 is how you have it set up using 3 line items for assignments.



    As you can see, I have added one additional Line which I called "TRUE" This is simply a Boolean where the formula is TRUE.


    In my summary module, I have time and the people list. 



    In the formula, I am saying Give me the result of the TRUE line item, if that person is assigned in the previous module using the ANY formula.(


    The formula looks like this: ANY TEST.'TRUE'[ANY: ANY TEST.'1'] OR ANY TEST.'TRUE'[ANY: ANY TEST.'2'] OR ANY TEST.'TRUE'[ANY: ANY TEST.'3']


    As you can see, since I have assigned R,T,Y,C,G in the first module, they are checked in the second one as well.


    Hope this helps!



  • 😀


    It's working !!! 

    I will now try to understand this combination of formulas which is not that easy to process at first sight.

    thanks a lot !!!