NUX Comments - Allow Page Builders to Select which Cards can have Comments


As a page builder, I would like to have the ability to turn off comments on specific cards on the dashboard. This is needed when we use blank text grids for spacing on the dashboard where comments should never be needed.

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  • EmilyJ
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Hello,


    This feature would be great. Currently, we have client users who are entering in comments on the wrong card by accident since all cards are available for comments. A solution of having page wide comments rather than card specific commentary might be a workaround.

  • Great idea,


    I would like to suggest to extend the functionality to "Filters", "Export" and "Pivot" as well.



    So on the NUX, page builders would be able to switch on and off the items displayed on the Menu of Options of each Card. This would be achieved by providing a Menu where Page Builders select the options to be displayed / hidden by card, similar to the one available for old Dashboards. 




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