Data Import From Module 1 to Module 2


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I have a question. I have a module, lets say, Module 1, in which I have included 2 lists, Time and Version. Through this module, user enters data. I have another module, let's say, Module 2, where I have same 2 lists and time, but I do not have version in the second module. I want to copy data from the Module 1 to Module 2. Any suggestion, how I can achieve that.


Module 1: Cost Center list, Cost Element list, Time, and Version

Module 2: Cost Center list, Cost Element list and Time.


Difference between both modules is Version list. Want to copy data from Module 1 to Module 2.




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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @varun.joshi07 ,


    Yes, you can import data from Source module to target module even you have more dimension in your source module than Target but we have to consider two scenario here,

    1. are we going to import the data from source to target by ignoring Version then it will transfer the total value irrespective of Version.



    Note: you have to save the view in such a way that we can ignore the Version dimension



    2. Are we going to import the data from source to target by selecting particular version of source module then you have to perform couple of step to achieve required output.

    1. Create Custom Version list imaging the Anaplan version then create one system module for the mapping.


    2. Create one system module for Version filter & then apply this filter in your save view


    3. Now when you run the action only Actual value will be transfer.



    Hope this helps!




  • Thanks Akhtar so much for reply, Let me try this solutions, I will get back to you and let you know, if I get successful.
  • Thanks so much Akhtar for helping me solve my requirement. It worked.