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Hi Experts,


I have two modules. Module 1 has got lists: Cost Center, Cost Element, and Time. Module 2 has got lists, Cost Center, Cost Element, Time, and Profit Center. I need to bring data from module 1 to module 2. Whatever data will be coming into module 2, will be stored against P9999 profit center. Rest other list items will be derived as it is in module 1.


I have below option to achieve the above requirement. 

  1.  I can import data from Module 1 to Module 2 and use Fixed Item for Profit Center in Mapping and load

But instead of using this option, I want to check that Like LOOKUP formula which refers mapping to derive additional list item through system module mapping. Is there any funtion, which I use to hardcode P9999 profit center in target module using that in formula. 




Best Answer

  • dameyer01

    1) Does Module 2 need to accommodate other profit centers besides P9999? If not, you could create a list subset whose only member is P9999, then dimensionalize module 2 by that subset.
    2) In Module 2, you could create a staging line item that pulled data from Module 1. Then you would have another line item that would have the condition that IF ITEM(Profit Center) = Profit Center.'P9999' THEN Staging Line Item ELSE [insert else statement here]. If there are many line items, this might not be easily scalable, but the result could look like the following:




  • @varun.joshi07 


    Let me ask you a question, why are you wanting to use an action instead of using a formula to pull the data in?  Are you wanting to snapshot the data or are you just trying to get the data into another module?

  • Thanks Rob for reply. The formula worked.

    I am trying to figure all possible options to bring data in module 2 from module 1, hence used action to import data.