Sum from list item property


I have a list of accounts and a list of account managers, broken into three categories (IVAM, DIAM, CCAM). Sales managers must assign an account manager from each category to every account. I want to aggregate the account metrics for all the accounts managers in a single table. The first image below shows the account assignment module, the second is the aggregation table. Currently, my solution is something like:

Total 3yr Avg OIT: IF AM Type = AM Type.CCAM THEN 'Account Assignments'.'3yr Avg OIT'[SUM: 'Account Assignments'.CCAM] ELSE IF AM Type = AM Type.IVAM THEN 'Account Assignments'.'3yr Avg OIT'[SUM: 'Account Assignments'.IVAM] ELSE IF AM Type = AM Type.DIAM THEN 'Account Assignments'.'3yr Avg OIT'[SUM: 'Account Assignments'.DIAM]

This solution works, but is a very brute force formula and inelegant. Any ideas on how to improve this? If we end up expanding account manager categories or metrics, this solution does not scale well.






  • @dameyer01 


    Create a module that is dimensionalized by Position Type.  The formula will be Account Assignments'.'3yr Avg OIT'[SUM: 'Account Assignments'.Position Type] as long as Position Type is list formatted.



  • @rob_marshall 


    I might not have explained the situation correctly. The 'IVAM', 'DIAM', and 'CCAM' columns in the account assignment table are line items (list-formatted by the Account Managers list). Position type is being maintained as a property of each account manager position in a module. If I create a module dimensionalized by Position Type, how do I reference the position type of each account manager in the SUM statement?

  • @dameyer01 


    Maybe we can get on a phone just to make sure I am understanding you correctly.  But you should be able to do a sum off the SYS module where you have Position Type as a line item.


    Feel free to DM and you can explain the missing pieces.



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