What Is The Use Of Dashboards And Reports In Anaplan?

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I wanted to have information about the dashboard and report in Annaplan.
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    dashboards are the interfaces used by end-users (and Admins) to navigate through the models: they also allow to view, analyze, and update data.

    Dashboards are composed by items like: grids, charts, text boxes, icons, action/process buttons, page selectors, line items...


    You can also find more info here


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    This link may be helpful for more information about dashboards. LINK

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    The Dashboards and Reports are important terminologies in BI world. In simple words, Dashboards would be having charts and graphs, there is very little scope of table data here. Everything is in form of Visualization.


    Report in most cases or say always could be classifies as data in the form of rows/columns. Like detailed view. In almost all cases it is having series of columns and rows, like excel data.


    In some other platform/applications, The terms are used interchangeably like Dashboard/Report/Story. Hope it is clear now. If not hit comment button.