SUM by text Property: Calculation function


Hi All,


I have a List Dept L3 where I want to SUM my $ Values in a module by its Code i,e not a Code of my item but a text formatted property which says Dept Code. I want to apply Sum by 'Property code'(830) in a list as shown in attached snapshot.


Highlighted items are child of different parents. 830 is the Property code for which, I want to sum the dollar value

for '830_SupChn' and '830_TSP'. As this is a text formatted property, so SUM function doesn't work on it.


Anaplan Question.PNG

Best Answers

  • Anilkumarch

    Hi @Aniruddha Create a dummy list the code and add the property to your L3 list to get dummy list item using FINDITEM by code. With this you can get the list format property and you can use it to SUM the values.

  • Anilkumarch

    @Aniruddha  As you want to SUM by project code and Anaplan will not support SUM by text format there is no other way to do. 


  • Hi Anil,


    Thanks for your answer.

    I do not want to create a new list. Is there any other way to achieve this?



  • Thanks for quick response Anil, It worked.