Prepare Sets of Dimensions and Subset Intersections of those Dimensions


As a model builder dealing with combination master data (Cost Center x Cost Element, Revenue Categories A x Revenue Categories B x Revenue Categories C), I want to be able create pre-defined sets of dimensions, the intersections of which I can subset, so that I can easily apply these sets to a module and save space by setting a subset of intersections that are relevant. It would be perfect if there is a setting where I can 1. create a set, 2. choose which dimensions to include, 3. subset the intersections and 4. apply this set when creating a module. I understand that a hierarchical numbered list can take care of this: it's a standard solution to create these combinations in a hierarchy. However, many users want to see dimensions on rows and columns, which a hierarchy CANNOT do. Additionally, model building would be a lot easier if we didn't have to keep on selecting the same sets of dimensions over and over again for different modules.


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