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Hi  Team,

i request your help below query.

I have three grid in my dashboard. second grid showing associate details(selected associate in first grid) with account name details he belongs in PA level. 

Third grid showing account name details  of same person  in BU level.

1) I need to display one more column showing total  counts of accounts in both grid (second & third ) along with the account name. 

2) On first grid (quota summary grid) the total number of  accounts (3rd column) = number of accounts in second + Number of accounts third grid .

How can i achieve it. adding all grid pic below for reference.

Grid -1


Grid -2 (showing each associate accounts name in PA level)



Grid -3 showing  associate account name in BU level


Please help me to achieve the same.




  • Hi @Jerin_KJ i did not understand the relation between the PA and BU (I mean summing accounts in 2nd & 3rd for total accounts in 3rd grid). But you can achive this my adding a Count line item which values is always equal to 1 and then you sum be person so that you get total accounts of that person in 2nd grid.

    Also you can also use RANK function to get count of accounts and take the MAX rank which will give you the total accounts.

    Give the relation between grids in details if you are not able to get it.

  • HI Anil,


    Thank you for the reply with guidance. Now i am getting level mismatch error ( all these  three grid have different dimensions). hw to proceed?




  • Hi @Jerin_KJ ,


    If you can provide the details of relation between the dimensions used in grids then i can help. Without knowing the relation between the dimensions it is difficult.