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The current process for managing saved views for modules is a bit time consuming. If you have a lot of saved views for a module and you need to sort them out. You need to click each saved view and either click "Move Up" or "Move Down", then it would still take time for the system to refresh. So imagine if you have 10 or more saved views and you need to put the newest saved view to the top. It would help if there is a way to sort them all out together such as a drag & drop window. Would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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  • Would love to see some enhancements on saved view management, current process can be frustrating!

  • JLD

    This would be very helpful. It really takes time to get all the views in order.

  • This will be helpful and reduce the time to to select the views .

  • Great idea. And perhaps even descriptions. Builders try to cram in as much information in the name to remember what a saved view is for. Just imagine a data hub where you try to put in the target model into the saved view. Naming gets unwieldy.

  • Another vote for this functionality and the ability to have descriptions.

  • Great Idea. This would be great to have

  • 7th ditto here.  A consolidated view where corresponding actions would be displayed as well.

  • PeteC

    Would be extremely helpful addiiton to functionality


  • @mtlumanog 


    That's so true! Another vote!


  • nchan


  • I vote for this too, would be very useful

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