Effective date of Employee in a Location




Looking for a solution to get the effective date for working on a location(Result(output Required)).


Employee 1

1. Got hired on 15th March so output to be 15th March for the period March.

2. Moved to US location in May and stayed there for 3 months, for July period the result to be 31st May(period since working at that location).

3. Moved back to India in August, and been working from same location thereafter, so every period return once generated should give the result as 31st Aug (period since working at that location)

4. and this may go for multiple location change


How can we formulate this to be working



Date(Period end return)Employee NameWork CountryEffective Start DateResult (output required)
31-03-2020Employee 1India15-03-202015-03-2020
30-04-2020Employee 1India15-03-2020 
31-05-2020Employee 1US15-03-2020 
30-06-2020Employee 1US15-03-2020 
31-07-2020Employee 1US15-03-202031-05-2020
31-08-2020Employee 1India15-03-2020 
30-09-2020Employee 1India15-03-2020 
31-10-2020Employee 1India15-03-2020 
30-11-2020Employee 1India15-03-2020 
31-12-2020Employee 1India15-03-202031-08-2020





  • Hi Shivankur,

    Can you try on below lines

    IF Work Country <> PREVIOUS(Work Country) AND Work Country = NEXT(Work Country) AND Work Country <> BLANK THEN End ELSE BLANK

  • Hi @akhil.kohli 


    Time is not a dimension to the module. It's just a line item. Previous will not be working.




  • Try using Lookup then, creating a previous time line item in the system module for the time list

  • effective dating should be starting off a transaction list like this.
    use this to import in a time module with employee 1 and their country/date of start over time