How to multiple access control for 1 item


Is there any method of multiple access control for 1 item? ex.

Supplier List (with selective access)  
  Supplier A    
  Supplier B    
Plant List (with selective access)  
  Plant X    
  Plant Y    
Item List      
    Plant(Property) Supplier(Property)
  Item1 Plant X Supplier A
  Item2 Plant X Supplier B
  Item3 Plant Y Supplier A
  Item4 Plant Y Supplier B
User Settings    
  Plant Write Supplier Write  
User 1 All Plant Supplier A  
User 2 Plant X All Supplier  

User 1 is allowed to access item 1 and Item 3 User 2 is allowed to access item 2 and Item 4 I can do single access control by setting hierarchy list ex. plant -Item but hierarchy can apply only one list so i cannot apply supplier list. i do not want to apply item, supplier, plant at the same time to same module.(cause to huge sparsity) i want to control this by selective access or filter function or something. is there any solution?

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  • harish_bk
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    Hi Ryohei

    I guess its tough to get the hybrid list access in current product, you can try following below process

    1) Create Vendor list as number list
    2) Make Plant list as parent for Numbered list (Vendor)
    3) You can have same name Vendor under different plants
    4) Have a regular vendor list
    5) Have a property in vendor list (Which is list formatted so you can select the name through drop down)
    6) Define Security for Plants
    7) Then build module using this numbered list where users can add any combination of vendor
    8) Build one more moule with Vendor and Plant and then get the required data using sum funciton
    Or vice versa

    Hope this helps


  • Hello Harish,
    Thank you for your quick response!
    I tried yout proposal, but it's not enough to solve my situation.
    User should access item level not only supplier or plant level.
    (Sorry for complex requirements....)

    Inventory Module (Applying Item List and Time)
    16-Mar 16-Apr 16-May
    Item1 (Plant X, Supplier A) 10 20 30
    Item2 (Plant X, Supplier B ) 30 40 50
    Item3 (Plant Y, Supplier A) 60 20 30
    Item4 (Plant Y, Supplier B ) 70 30 20
    User 1 (All Plant, Supplier A) should see…
    16-Mar 16-Apr 16-May
    Item1 10 20 30
    Item3 60 20 30
    User 2(Plant X, All Supplier) should see…
    16-Mar 16-Apr 16-May
    Item1 10 20 30
    Item2 30 40 50
    '** I had mistake in my 1st post, user 2 is allowed to access Item1 & 2, not Item 2&3

    So I tried as follows
    Plant (reqular list)
    Supplier (numberd list) Plant
    Item (regula list) Suppleir
    Tree look like as follows
    Plant X
    L Supplier A
    L Item1
    Supplier B
    L Item2
    Plant Y
    L Supplier A
    L Item3
    Supplier B
    L Item4
    I tried to set selective access to Supplier Level but numberd list seems not be able to set selective access.
    (it looks to be set, but it's automaticaly cleared without any messages)

    do you have further idea?
  • Ahh this is tough to handle, but if this is not for security purpose and ease of using the system I have an idea,

    1) Create a list having all the users
    2) Create a module having all the users, plant, vendor and item
    3) Then have a line item called access which is check box i.e., boolean format
    4) For each user select the plant, vendor and item they have to see
    5) Set up a filter  based on this line item
    6) Let same cube have all other line items required and you can work accordingly based on the user selected
    7) You can set up access to the user list

    Am not sure how it works but hope it works
  • Hello Harish,

    thanks for you anoter suggestion.
    I could solved the case with your first suggestion.

    Lists are as follows
    Plant (reqular list)  
    Supplier (numberd list) Plant
    Item (regula list) Suppleir

    User setting is as follows
      Selective Access  
      Plant Supplier
    User1(All Plant, Supplier A)   Plant X-Supplier A, Plant Y Supplier A
    User2(Plant X, All Supplier) Plant X  
    *At first i set 'All Plant' to plant selective access for user A, so supplier level selective access was automatically cleared.

    Tanks you for your great contribution!! 

    Ryohei Sasakawa