My data in my Model is not being added correctly




Anaplan is not adding my data down my columns correctly. What is causing this? 

I have a pic of 2 columns from my Module. the formula is adding Line Items "Opening Balance (01):To #1917" The total of my Closing Balance (01) for 1/2/2019 should be $6,156,256 not $821,052. 


Thank you 

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  • rolympia
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    Yeah, echoing the other comment that we'd need to know the formula as we're shooting in the dark here.


    Though, as a general answer

    1) Summing Line Items: Best Practice is to keep simple sums AS simple sums, and this can be checked through the blueprint, the next column after Formula is Parent, and those should get filled-in with your Ending Balance Line Item if they should sum to it.

    2) Sum of List Items: if that's a list, one check is of course the Summary setting (is it possible that's on average?)


    And in general, check for line or list items that may have been hidden.


  • @neg177 

    Can you provide the line item labels on the rows and the formula in question? I can't tell which rows are relevant or what rows you're referencing beyond the highlighted one.

  • I'm going to review this. 



    Thank you