Copy Across data




I have Costcenters list and user entering data for one cost center in a dashboard and user wants to copy same data to other cost center 

How to do give such option to user in dashboards?






  • We'd definitely need more information, screenshot and blue print of the module would help, but to answer in general terms.

    > [EASY] Copy Across/Copy Down: Requires Cost Center to be on either rows or columns. You'd have to teach the user to 1) Right Click-"Show" pertinent Cost Center (copy-from CC and Copy-to CC's), 2) Highlight cells to be copied, and 3) Edit > Copy Across/Copy Down

    > [EASY] Classic Control C-Control V: limited of course by number of cells.

    > [Effortful] Create a Copy action. Have user input line items to drop down both the copy-from Cost Center and copy-to Cost Center. Prepare a saved view filtering the copy-from Cost Center information, plus the line item with the copy-to Cost Center. Create an import from this saved view to the Input Module.

    > [Business Process Improvement] Consider creating profiles with the information needed (same input line items as the input module), but on a different list that is not cost center. Users can then map a Cost Center to a profile and information can be looked-up from the profile

  • Hi @rolympia 


    Please find the attachment.

    I have Cost centers list on rows and Accounts list on columns.So for one costcenter , selecting driver for each account and need to copy the same data to remaining Costcenters.

    Is there any way other than Ctrl C ,Ctrl V?




  • Hi @tejaswini ,


    You can try below approach:


    1. Create one system module for the selection of Cost center


    2. Create one more without Cost center dimension & other dimension with be same as your input module.


    Write a formula pointing to your Input module, here 

    INP_Cost Center by Account.SKF Selection[LOOKUP: SYS_ Selection.Cost Center Selection]


    3. Create a new module which is same as your input module and write a formula pointing to step 2 module.


    Now this is your formula driven module, here I have create one save view to import the data to our Input module by applying one filter cost center <> sys_selection->cost center (even not required, it will override the same data)

    4. Create an Import action to transfer the same data to input module.


    After import:




    Note: This approach will depend on the size of your input module because we are duplicating one module.


    Hope this helps






  • I think Akhtar's solution would be the best path forward.
    Creating the system module for costcenter selection and using the import functionality should work great.