NEW UX - ability to adjust height, width, length by absolute numbers like classic UX


It would be great if there was an option to adjust the cards, grids, KPI's for height, width, and length by absolute numbers like we had for classic UX. 

The reason for this request is that some of the grids need to be extended or will take more space and need not be on an equal proportion. For example, if there are 3 cards in the same line of view, one of the cards needs to take up 50% space and the other two can be equally distributed for 25% of the space. While we can adjust it manually we find that sometimes it has been distributed by error, unequally. Hence it would be great if we could specify the size of the cards so that we don't have to worry about alignment errors by hand. If this can feature can be applied to all types of New UX entities (Text, KPI's, grids, field etc.) it would be a wonderful addition.






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