Year To Date (YTD) summary column not showing data


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I created one module, in which I added Time Range i.e FY 18, Number of Periods = 1, and Aggregation as Year To Date. For testing purpose, I added some data in some periods. I can see total amount under FY18 (Summary column), but no data appearing under YTD column.


Please let me know, if I have missed anything.





  • HI@varun.joshi07 ,


    Please enable the current period in the Time Settings. YTD will be sum to entries till the current period.


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  • @Rashmih Thanks for reply. Yes, I do have current period enabled, but YTD value is displaying.

  • @Rashmih I got the resolution. I was doing mistake. The issue was that I was using Time Range FY 18 YTD, whereas Current Period in model calendar is set to FY20. 


    When I created Time Range FY 20 YTD, which was aligned to Model Calendar setting, where Current Period is set to Jan 20. It worked.


    Thanks Rashmi for giving idea, which in turn, helped me find the solution.




  • I have another query related to YTD calculation. If YTD is calculated based on current period set under model calendar, then what would I need to do when business wants to see YTD calculation from Jan to Dec. 

    For instance, I have set current period as Jan 20, If user enters $10 in Jan 20, the YTD value should be $10.

    If user enters $15 in Feb 20, then YTD value should show $25. 

    If user enters $10 in Mar 20, then YTD value should show $35.

    Above example user case, I am not able configure.


    Need expert advice for this user case.




  • Hi @varun.joshi07 


    if you use Anaplan YTD then YTD amount will show at the end of the current year only but you can calculate YTD amount by adding one more line item & using CUMULATE formula




    Hope this helps!