How to get a Formula to output a text.




Not sure what the Synthax is for a Formula to return a text is. I have my Line Item formatted as Text, but want to know if I'm on the right track with the formula. 


IF 'Y01 Collection_Funding'.Front Book=1 THEN &"WITH PH"& ELSE &"WITHOUT PH"



Thank you 


  • Hi!


    It is simple. Write just "text". And it works this way.



    IF Flag? THEN "text1" ELSE "text2"



    When you combine some text and variables or text and another text, you should use "&".


    IF Flag? THEN "text1" & valiable1 ELSE "text2" & valiable2





  • Break the formula out and use text formatte line items to feed in the statements. 

    Also, use a boolean to inform the IF statement contained in a seperate line item. 

    When you find issues arising from tricky formulas always break them out into its constituent parts.

    Good luck,