Please change the layout of blueprint view!


The New UX is great and has drastically improved the end-user experience however, the model builder experience has really lagged behind. Anaplan models should be as easy to build as they are to use.


There are some really easy wins to be had that will drastically improve the experience for model builders, in this suggestion, I propose that the layout of blueprint view is changed so that the most frequently used parts of a module are presented on the leftmost side. The amount of time spent scrolling to "Style" or "Summary" even on larger screens does add up and I'm sure everyone who builds in Anaplan will really know where I am coming from...


I propose this order from LEFT to RIGHT:

  1. Formula
  2. Format
  3. Time Scale
  4. Applies To
  5. Summary
  6. Style
  7. Time Range
  8. Versions
  9. Read Access Driver
  10. Write Access Driver
  11. Breakback
  12. Parent
  13. Is Summary
  14. Start of Section
  15. Brought-Forward
  16. Formula Scope
  17. Use Switchover
  18. Users List
  19. Data Tags
  20. Code
  21. Cell Count
  22. Module Name
  23. Referenced By


I am sure many will disagree with this particular arrangement but surely seasoned model builders will agree that having "Parent" and "Is Summary" front-and-center and "Summary" and "Style" far to the right is really, really irritating.


Alternatively please let us set default views in Blueprint so that we can configure our own model default and saved views for faster access and tidier models! (as i already suggested here:



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  • GP

    Agree, why is it not possible to rearrange it by ourself? system wide and/or module wide

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