NUX | Ability to group cards into page sections


In the New UX I would like the ability to have a simple way to group different sections of the dashboard. I am thinking of something like:

- The ability to add a Top/Side/Bottom border on cards

- A new 'dividing line' object that can be inserted between cards 

- Colour/shading card backgrounds


A challenge for users in the new UX is understanding which cards are related on a multi-card dashboard. In the old UX we were able to overcome this by using the header 3 titles (which had an underline), or using white space. While the cards/tiles in the new UX are a step forward aesthetically, we do lose something by not being able to clearly identify one section from another. You are able to add a blank card (or line image) with no background, but this takes up too much real estate on a page (particularly when many users have smaller laptop screens).


An example of what I want to achieve is shown below:

whitby_1-1606997529462.png    --> whitby_2-1606997954916.png



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